Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advertorial/Review for Newly Renovated/Improved Swez Restaurant at Eastin Hotel Pj

I received an invitation to dine and write a review about Swez Restaurant which is located inside Eastin Hotel PJ. So after a few wrong turns and many mislead by the veeeeeery "reliable" PAPAGO GPS system, i arrived at the location at nicely when the food on the platter is being replaced with a new one.

As soon as I walked into the outlet , the highly trained staff greeted me warmly at the entrance. Revamped with the new face lift of contemporary setting , Swez Restaurant at Eastin Hotel PJ radiates exclusiveness and comfortable ambience that supply an instant relaxation. A good sign to start the evening I must say.

The dinner that was extensively prepared buffet by the team of dedicated chef was extremely satisfying! The set of buffet offers a wide stretch of wholesome goodness. At this point of time , the greediness took the best part of me. All the food look equally enticing and luring me to devour on them.

I started off with a random food picking, which were a bit of EVERYTHING, namely ; prawn tempuras, sauté vegetables and a few dishes, which fancy name I couldn’t recall. But as much as I enjoyed the newly improved environment and all , I was still skeptical about what the food will taste like because honestly , I’ve dined here before and let me tell you , although the taste wasn’t that horrible but it wasn’t worth my penny either.

So there I was , plate crowded with assortment of different dishes just waiting to be stuffed into my drooling mouth. The food was amazing! It tasted sooo good that I couldn’t wait for the food to finish so that I can go for a 2nd round. Every dish seemed to be fruitfully prepared and appealingly decorated at the newly refurbished food corner.

Apart from the exquisite main courses, the dessert especially, was super awesome! There were varieties sort of cakes, traditional kuih , bubur , caramel banana (A MUST TRY!) and the usual tropical fruit to name a few. After tasting almost most of the food , I must say that Swez Brassiere has gotten way way way better from its former day. It was a beguiling gastronomic experience to conclude the night.

Everything was flawless, the food, the ambience , the service although my mood was this close from being disrupt by the painful sound of the live music band that was playing at the other side of the restaurant.

Thanks Eastin for treating and having me as a company at your hotel.Really appreciate it! :)

For those who fancy an exclusive night out , you can reach them at their website here

So here are few pictures i snapped during the dinner. Lovely arent they?

Dessert ; my fav section of the buffet

Mooooreeee dessert! Look how tantalizing those little pastries are.

Clean , calm and attentive waiter/ess

Dessert barrr! Attackkk!!

Salad bar , the least most visited section , at least for me.

All new and shiny!

Seems that every dishes is send from heaven with that glowing lights on the plate.

Fresh seafood u can choose and the chef will cook for you. right there and then!

Swez signature dessert , caramel banana with ice cream.

This spaghetti is awesome! the chef even peppered some extra herbs on it!

The content visage of a girl who eats everything.

with Miss Fifi, the one who invited me over , and also my bestfriend of 20 yrs (yes ive been friend with her since we were 4)

This is the Cuban Vip Lounge

Fancy huh?


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