Thursday, December 16, 2010

The day i overcome my worst fear : Going to the Dentist

So the story of my dental mayhem goes a little like this -------------------------------------------------------

It was a wet wet evening that day. The skies were peppering the earth with drizzling condensation all over.I was driving my sister's car, her blue-then-black-now kelisa. Ive been driving her car all along ever since she boarded off to Egypt to further her medical studies. Plus , this car is sort of wallet-friendly for fuel consumption.

Mummy being a walking (
although most of the time irritating) GPS , directed me to this part of Kota Sri Damansara.At this very point , i can virtually feel my heart was leaping frantically, throbbing my ribcage like no one business.

After a good whole 20 minutes of driving ,my mummy and I arrived at the location.We climbed the cemented stairs because apparently this Dr Teoh got a cheaper rent on the second floor.

Oh , need i remind you that we come on no call for appointment. My mom just decided that it was a fine day to torture me with the concealing concern about my dental care. And did i mentioned before that my last visit to dentist was around , umm let say 8 years back? Yeah it was 8 freaking years back.

The experienced was excruciating that it encouraged me to have this mindset that every dentist is evil dentist.
So ever since that , i diligently maintained my dental care of the usual floss , rinse and brush. Never once in 8 years ive considered going for scaling , patching or anything. I am that committed to the promised i grudgingly made to myself.

But little that i know , those mindset i was so certain to last forever was about to be mercilessly abolished.

Anyhoww,I could stay and rambling on the suffering minutes of
details about my torturous dental madness but that would be mean to ur eyes and mental visualization.

Suffice to say that I lost lots of blood. lots and lots and lots of blood. 4 days worth of bleeding gum + saliva. At one point i think that i am slowly transforming into a zombie because i never tasted blood that much before.

Im not afraid of dentist anymore. I beat the hell out of my fear. I am the winner. Yes i am. Wohooo~



shee said...

ouch! kena cabut gigi? T_T

cikudi said...

KENE! sakit gila. 4 hari i makan darah. ngap ngap!

adeep said...

not zombie..