Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011 and Hello new fashion interest

This is my new entry for 2011,unlike any other years where i summarized and reflect back for what i did for the entire year. This year , i wont do that because i simply dont feel the need to look back or replaying my whole life over again. This year im gonna start new , not new life , but new spirit and determination. Insyaallah with God's will.

Anyways, i just find the most precious skirts. "Why does this skirt so precious?" One would ponder.

Well let me justify my statement.I found the skirt nestling quietly in a corner of some random store waiting to serve whoever that will be kind enough to make a purchase on her. IT IS SO DIRT CHEAP THAT I FELT LIKE STEALING IT! I had to convinced myself so many times that the figures on the price tag is only RM 16.90 . And with that , my impulsive nature kicked in. I bought two, one these and the other one is black.

Well, i think mixing up ur wardrobe is something fun to do. From now on , if i have the time , ill post out my fashion fix to share it with u girls.

For now , i hope that 2011 will treat us well. Be good and be safe yeah.


Skirt from random shop = MYR 16.9

tops from bangkok = MYR 20

Belt from FOS = MYR 18

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