Friday, November 26, 2010

Akward Conversation : The lingual compability issue

How many times do you self-trap yourself in an attempt for absent-mindedly translating from English to Bahasa or vice versa?
I bet that happens alot , especially when you and your conversational partner started off using one language ( English of Bahasa) and subconsciously maintained that particular language as if allowing other languages to be slot into the conversation would be a major confusion for both of you.

That being said , i actually managed to tangled myself into one of those situation sometime not to long ago.

So there were we , stuck in the middle of traffic , crawling bits after bits , and were really engrossed into a conversation about some future potential business venture that we would like to embark on together.

The conversation , was casually delivered in Bahasa and weaved by few English terms that both of us are familiar with.

It went somehow a little bit like this.

dw : bla bla bla bla bla business bla bla
fozzy : tu la bla bla yada yada aku nak try bende lain jugak
dw : tu la (and here comes the awkward part ) jangan letak telur ko dalam satu bakul

at that time , we both frozed momentarily in space , trying to assimilate the logic behind what i just blurted out.

fozzy : huh?
dw : bunyik obscene gila dalam bahasa melayu weh. aku sebenarnya nak cakap " dont put ur eggs in one basket" , meaning jgn focus business ko on satu tempat je. tu yg aku nak cakap. tetibe kuar telur plak. apa diaaa~
fozzy : HAHAHHAHAH tu ah dia, aku pun cam pelik.

Lucky thing that ive known Fozzy long enough to not blot blushes on my face and also he could simply bypass that minor misconception.

Imagine if it happened with some stranger that wanted to lock a business deal with me?

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MiSs aNySs said...

HAHAAHAHAHAHA dont play play aaa u! lol