Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shitty Song destroyed my faith in humanity.

It was a bright day , one of those that filled with a generous amount of serenity in the air. I was in my green chevey Aveo , cruising my way to undecided destination yet. My fingers curled tightly on the steering wheel as they always do. I didnt switch on the A/C because day like this shouldn't be wasted on artificial air that prone to give u dry throat and sore eyes. The wind gustily entered the opening of the driver seat's window the second i punched down the control button downwards. Luckily, i've already pony-tied my hair.

Everything was perfect as perfect could be described but still , something s missing. I could sensed it million miles from here , that particular elements that makes everything sweeter that it already is. What the hell could that be? My mind started to do that jittering recollection of many movies that ive seen all these years and within seconds i already found my missing link. The scenery was missing the very essence that single-handedly been keeping us together all this while, it is MUSIC. MUSIC is my icing on the cake. Sheesh, how could i ignored something that is so fundamentally important in my life.

I released my left hand from the car handle and extended it towards the area which the radio was mounted.I punched the FM/AM button because I dont feel like listening to my old mixed burn CD. There was a voice of a young female rambling about god knows what. Sometime these words just get through you like an unseen wind. You know its there , but dont really bother to comprehend the nature of it.

Suddenly , i felt a nauseating sound wave transmitting snarkily right into my ear's canal. The voice of the singer resonated distastefully awful and assaulted my brain mercilessly. I thought there for awhile : This could not be real because the last time i checked i was a crimeless citizen , there is no way im in a prison , secluded from outside world and tortured by this well formulated brainwash practice.

Of course i am not in prison , but if this distasteful song going on , i might as well be because believe me this isnt the kind of music your ears or even ur brain for that matter can tolerate with. Having said that, I know good music when i heard one and i am a girl who is easily flattered with any kind of tunes. Simple or heavily composed but this one , this particular tune that was playing was an utter disappointment of musical mess. What could be entirely upsetting than a "mess"? That slot belongs to this song.

Even without looking at the mirror i know my face was wearing this impassive expression. My hand automatically turn off the dial and just like that my day of serenity was destroyed.

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