Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diena on : People who are addicted to hand sanitizer . Namely, me.

"Mmmmmmm" i thought as the waitress who seemed uncannily pleasant with all the heavy uniform necessities she has to wear brought me my heavy late lunch. You see , breakfast is a rarity in my daily schedule to which lead me to always having a big lunch everyday. Assuming this, my level of starvation and hunger always at the edge of blowing volcanic each day thus unveiled the mystery of my on going morning rage.Its the food , not me.

I looked down on my choice of menu today and for once in a long time satisfied with my selection of food. On top of a semi-huge standardize white porcelain plate , laid a big juicy succulent white grilled chicken meat with a crowded bunch of vegetables and boiled potato as a side dishes. This particular meal comes with a special sauce in a separate small matching white bowl. The smell aroused from the freshly cooked dish , assaulted every corner of my nose and straight to my half-dead brain. The temptation was greater now more than ever.

Since i was a little little tiny girl , i was raised by a medical freak father and a super hygienic mother. Their negative emotion would suddenly evoked if i failed to perform one of the routine they set ; one of which was washing my hand each time i wanted to come into contact with food or any edible stuff , the one that goes into your system and being processed by your internal organs.

Being subconsciously trained into doing that , my hand automatically ransacked the unkempt content of my bag and blindly search for a bottle of an alcoholic based hand sanitizer. Now for all of you that arent out of this universe for the past 5 years must have known what is the sole purpose of existence for this product.This marvel invention has been very important to me for these past few years even before the pandemic outbreak of H1N1.It has always been a permanent resident inside the district of my handbag. This product is a necessity for me , and looking back , it could be the next bestest thing after hand lotion.

After a few struggling seconds of rummaging , my hand recognized something that was relatively familiar to the object of my searching. I then fished out the bottle and as soon as it emerged from inside of the bag , i then popped up the cap , turned it upside down and squeezed the concentrated gel-like fluid onto my palm only to realize that it has run out of liquid to flow out.How could this be possible? Did i not just bought this less than a week ago? Did some mutated vegetarian vampire sucked out all of my supply of hand washing?

I started to do my little series of investigation as my head started to filled in with a dense cloud of retracement.I tried to rationalize this mysterious case of odd condensation. Then i remembered the toilet , the computer , the food ,the cough , the slimy sneeze, the door knob , the steering wheel and everything that consist in my daily schedule. I glanced back at the seemingly nonchalant bottle of hand sanitizer. I abused her. Brutally used to the very extend human cant comprehend. I practically use hand sanitizer everywhere , every time in doing everything. No wonder this bottle is almost empty. My appetite for food has gradually receded.

Why do i need them so much u ask? I guess the feeling is unfathomable. The feeling im on each time the cold liquid touches my hand is somehow euphoric. I feel protected from the malicious germs and bacteria. I feel an invisible layer of shield is guarding me from the disarray lethal untreatable parasite. I know that i should not replace a proper hand washing but to say hand sanitizer is an adjunct , i strongly oppose! Its is water , only better. This saying after all coming from an addict , thus validation of it would not be granted.

I am officially addicted to hand sanitizer and i know i am not the only one. I am pretty sure there are a few herds of obsessive compulsive disorder out there. Sadly, they arent much who are brave and strong enough to confess like i did.


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rase sabun..