Saturday, January 9, 2010

His birthday present that came late.

I just got him a pressie although it has been not that so many months after his birthday. I am the walking example of an ignorant girlfriend whose brain arent capable of holding so much information at one time. But after so many days walking the road with an uneasy feeling , ive finally drag myself to get him his last year birthday present. I decided to buy him a wallet because the one he had was already decomposing , it's just the matter of time that poor thing put to rest once and for all.

Sad face is not getting my attention

That face already being practiced so many nights to use on a special occasion like this

Sadly , that pout was on shock and kept on sticking like that because of the prize offering

Hey its a box. like duh~

Lets see whats inside shall we?

Sleek huh? just think of that many hours of heavy labor.

this is the guy whom which being replaced for. It may look usable but really its not anymore.

see what i mean?

The ceremony of exchanging content begins! Look at those cards and guitar picks. pfft~

While waiting for him , i continue my reading on Norwegian Wood which i already done later that night.

Look what ive found hiding beneath those piles of cards. Hahahha..can i pass for a minor convict or what?

And then i made the picture kiss. sick huh? yeah i know but arent we all are?

See happy boi got his pressie.

The time cross path and brought us together , new and old , young and mature , death and life.

Ok i'll be gone now before i started to rambles on nothingness again.

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MyKy said...

D: such a bad gf la u