Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Note not for anyone else.

Hi hello,
Just a quick this and there. This is really more of a personal note rather than a publicly published material but knowing the very basic of my inability to remember , i have to commence something thats gonna always be there , even the unimportant ones.

So , u have learned that i have a memory of a gold fish rather than an elephant. What putting me aside from the fish is , i dont starve myself to death just because ive forgotten that i already consumed food 3 seconds ago.I guess the bottom line that cause this problem is my ignorance after all and for the many lack of perseverance i have towards exercising the new information to at least stamp in my mind while it's still fresh.

Anyways, that all being said , i just want to remind myself.

WHAT THE DUCK ARE U DOING DAYANA?? FOCUS FOCUS! i know its hard for u to dig deep into the very core of ur thick head buat anything is better than nothing. can u not being indecisive for once , for once in a lifetime and for once for everyone's lifetime. you know its annoying and inconvenience for you and its affecting everyone around u. stop being spoil , u are twenteenfour this year. so please make a decision , and it has to be pretty damn well a good one. THINK THINK THINK!!!

ok i think thats that. good bye now.

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