Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old ladies at toodlers party

As per title suggested,
Last saturday was Alisya Sofea's 1st birthday. Her mom , Maria or Cicik which was her nickname since forever , invited us bunch to go to this little sweetie party. I say wohoooooooooooooooooo partyyy , regardless what occasion it is hahhaa.

Well, i dont want to go on ramble or else ill end up torturing myself with words that come out from this pair up team of threatening finger and brain of mine.Arrays of words that i can guarantee would involuntarily spewing out are sets of "forever alone,loneliness,soulmate-repellent,barren soil,barefaced chunky meat,no body wants to marry u with the physical as near as disfigured badger with that crazy lazy left eye"

see told ya it would come back and pierce my soul into pieces.


Anyways , enjoy the photographic evidence i took so that i in 50 years i can look back and wonder why i didnt get married to the old geezer who the only way he can get excited is to get his urinated tube shaken vigorously , not that fast though or else something might get detached. hee hee. ok im talking crap.

bye now.

Here is the majestically bake birthday cake that i didnt have when i was 1. As far as i could remember ,my mom only mold a couple of breads into a round shape and didnt have the decency to even put a candle on it. She substituted it with the fire starter though. I was quite happy that time. THAT TIME! what do u expect? i was freaking 1 years old!

cupcakes fairies! yey i love cupcake but preferably with those with less icing because with age like this, sweets can only meant venom in disguised.

this is aisyah,pretty lilttle doll. no , not the birthday girl though.

And tadaaaa~ stands the birthday girl , clueless and pretty hyper for the day.

Including her mom, she was excited as hell , as if it was her birthday. I think she have forgotten that she already gone that phase where another hearts beat already slides through her birth canal.

told ya the little princess was clueless but pay attention to the other girl on far right , her ready face looks like shes gonna gnaw down on the whole cake. "ITS PINK ITS PINK . I CANT CONTROL MYSELF!" her inner self rampage on mute mode.

This is actually the candle. I bet u guys didnt realized it at first and that makes the both of us. WHO THE HELL BAKED A CAKE AND PUT A FREAKING CANDLE IN BETWEEN A NAKED BOOBLESS GIRL? My dirty mind tried so hard to armor any nasty thought from hammering in but dirty mind is dirty mind and dirty mind just doing what dirty mind knows best. being dirty in the dirtiest hours possible. this is definitely not an innocence cake with an audience with dirty mind like mine.

On a lighter note, here are the cupcakes that i took from the stand. Issit me or the ladybug accidentally positioned as if she is pooping?

Told ya she is pooping. bad bug bad bad bug!

still clueeless and happily clapping her achievement in life.

Lastly, the whole set of makciks-makciks in a toodler's party. talking about life and future , bleak future and more interesting past life.

Ok , ive said enough to last me for a week. Ill come back when my nonsensical drive is kicking in again.

p/s: Any grammatical , misplace of words , poor structure of sentence ,senseless point or any other flaw in the content is purely intended. or maybe im just too proud to care.

bye bye now again!


Chichi Para Disc said...

happy 1st birthday alisya sofea!

:D aku jd speechless bace post kau neh! terharu pon ade..

wow!aku dah ade family.. what's nxt?

Bil said...

happy birthday anak maria!!!
comel gelss~

Chichi Para Disc said...

tengs bil. nanti besday anak u,i wish pulak ye! hahahaha~ mcm lame lg ehhhhh :P