Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life 101 : Dont ask provoking question if u are not ready to be backfired.

This happened yesterday at one of the local bank here at my area. This lady banker most likely didnt expect that something like this would blow up on her face but i guess there must be consequences that follows if u wanna to curiously prying on other people's life.

Unless you have microscopic view , i suggest : click on the image below for larger view and better reading.

The moral of the story is : Just because shes tiny , doesnt mean her brain and mouth are.


JIMU said...

hello.i follow ur blog yea, if u dont mind.btw serious ke u ckp camtu? lol.nice one!

wantuutri said...

hahaha, ang sound dia camtu wey?ang memang ohsem!

cikudi said...

jimu - yeah follow as u pleased. the more the merrier!

iwan - tapi aku ketaq jugak weh masa cakap tu. berpeluh keti aku. hahahah takot dia katok aku ngna mesin kira duit.

redLeaf said...

DW.. Jwpn yg kreatif.. (mmg padan muka dia, cara dia tnya pn da nmpk negative minded person)

btw - kecik2 cili padi nie.. haha..

RoRo said...

Seriously that petite gal said it that way?? hahahaahah. padan muka kena tempik!

myseekay said...