Monday, August 30, 2010

Some words of wisdoms. Some.

There was a time , not very long ago , probably the same time you were conceived behind the back of your dad's battered up car , where i believed that whenever i got stuck in the middle of mishap, there always something , somebody, some miracle from outer space , some cosmic force of nature , some relativity of time , some scientific equation will brush away all the unfortunate dust and reveal the shiny sunshine hope.

My grown up phase has practically survived based solely on this ideology , not particularly effective on certain situation but most of the time , this thought never failed to fuel up my motivation and keep on running after falling hard.

Like for instance ,

Once i fell off the drain from riding my brother's tall bike. The image of said incident is still vividly playing before my eyes whenever i recall it back. My head hit flat hard at the curb of those edgy cemented drain.

Funny thing how we always dont virtually feel those instant pain and agony at the exact moment it happened.

I was aware of whats happening back then but my mind and body couldnt compute therefore i didnt feel any aches whatsoever for the first few seconds until i saw a streaks of blood on my hand.

I injured several joints of my body. Knee cap , elbow and even few deep scratches behind my back. At that very point , after the confusing moment has passed , the pain came jostling savagely in between my veins , blood and flesh. I was in pain , i was excruciatingly in pain and there's no one around to save me.

Did i cried? I FUCKING HOWLED and WAILED like a little puppy being stampeded on! But that only lasted for a few minutes until i realized that dispensing my tears werent going to heal my bruises. So i shut up.

And here comes the ideology.

At that time , the only thing in my mind was


i kept repeating the phrase over and over again in my head.

I thought

"How could this be forever because tomorrow i have school , this weekend is my piano class , and the week after imma go for class trip. How could this forever?" So i sucked my sulk and think about those happy thoughts.

It surprised me that at this age (was 6) , i already knew how to analyzed the problem and rationalized it to fit the situation.

I thought again

"How could this forever because my parents ought to realized that ive been missing"

"How could this forever because someone mustve been walking pass this street and hopefully wanna throw something down the drain , because admit it , our people is great and everything but civilly not so much. He/she , mustve seen me and rescue me will they now?"

While i was losing blood (albeit not that much) and contemplating about that endless possibilities and reasons , i heard few footsteps coming towards my direction.

It was those more older teenage kids.All boys.

Well , they rescued me , escorted me back home and if i could recall it correctly, one of them jokingly said to the other kid "Kita da selamatkan anak org ni , kot2 nanti mesti kita dapat upah" *stended ah melayu buat keje sikit mesti nak upah. apa ada hal kerja tak ikhlas ye dokkkk?*

Poor kid , my parents werent at home at that time , so no token of appreciation for saving their hopeless little bloody girl down the drain.

So the moral of the story is,

If something bad happened to you , yes u may whine but dont feel sorry for yourself for too long because that is just downright sad.

Just endure the situation because night time is just another transition of time until the dusk come and swept the darkness away , and voila! there's a sun , chirping flock of birds and a flowerbed full of swaying buds dancing cheerily right before your eyes. :)

Pemberi nasihat tapi rarely practice the theory,


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