Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Series of self-motivation

Hey guess what,
Its 0749.
Your best bet would be that i woke up after a long dreamless sleep aint it?


Its the time of the semester again where i have to endure a series of recurrent sleep-deprived , energy-drained and a couple shots of brain malfunction in between.

You can do it Diena. CMONNN!

Imagine this , in the next couple of months you'd be prancing proudly on the way to the prime stage for receiving your scroll from the very hand of the king himself!

and soon your presence , hardwork, saying,suggestion will be acknowledge.

and one year after , you will be at some Euro country , working and experiencing a different ways of life.

Piccadilly Street will only be trams away.

You better be good ok because without sweat they will be nothing sweet for you in the future.

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