Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Land of Lost.

I swear i had a really interesting , if not important story to write.

but somewhere between the alarming low sugar level and a sequence of misfits hallucinations,

i got lost.

And not to where i envisioned it would be.

I thought lost land would be crowded with sprouting rainbows , galloping unicorns with strawberry covered feather and waffle horns and of course , what is fantasy land without the existence of the calmly flow stream of rich and creamy river of milk with banks dense with cookies rock. Not to mention a jelly bean grass and marshmellow colorful flowers.

and oh , butterflies. i mean really , thinking about a butter flying under a scorching hot sun makes me tingles because admit it , they would never see the beautiful side of night view.


this land i endup in is something u would see on a tv where they play you a drama of this student struggling to finish up her assignment on time.

oh wai-

isnt this real life?

oh m not lost after all.

i wish i could but chained of ife , commitment and obligation already tied tightly up with a dead knot around my ankle. Im bound to the ground of responsibility.

Thanks for reading.

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