Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Story about Jealousy.

Sometime when depression and anxiety hit me , i often think about something nice , although lets admit it , nothing could overruled the feeling of shitiness. I know from quotes , advices and wise words that we shouldnt by any occasion compared ourself with someone more superior in any aspects that we thought we lack of.But being a human , a species whom filled with lots of emotions that arent so easy to navigate , I couldnt escape that unwholesomely morbid path of jealousy. Every now so often , the entity that i would normally judge upon are another humans themselves.

Daunted by the subject which usually always appear to have everything in place often shaken me off the ground , but from practiced , ive become quite fluent in the language of hidden expression and the art of concealment. Ive learnt to let go of those menacing crestfallen feelings and replace it with fattening food , retail therapy and movie nights.

That was me then.

Now , Im older , not necessarily wiser but equip enough to not get suck into the agony of enviness. Though sometime , i must admit that ive failed miserably.

There are 6 billion population in this planet . By right , everyone should have at least one person they want to exchange skin with.

How do i cope with jealousy/enviness?
There is no real answer to this because up until now i have yet to discover the perfect method to overcome jealousy but oftenly i focus on my good attributes that the other person is impaired on. Even a small thing like being able to slip a thread on needle with one go , or maybe having the ability to
excrete a mario-shaped turd could let the air of supremacy engulf ur whole being and believe me ,this thinking will provide u with instant injection of self-confidence.

It is urself, you shud examine beforehand.
then others.
then yourself back.
Keep repeating the same pattern until u realize that no one is ever on top.

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