Monday, June 28, 2010

Slant ur hand and SALUTE!

Lets all participate in PROJECT KEIREI!

is a Japanese word for Salute therefore by literal English translation means Project Salute.

What started of as a spontaneous act by Shaz Aboy (inspired by Buzzer Beat Jap Series) has turned out to be a massive outbreak stunt that motivate many other individuals to strike the same pose regardless different reasons they may hold.

Project Keirei is a platform for you to express salutations over the little things that consistently moves you or maybe even the people that mold you into the person u are now. This project serve as a medium to credit your own personal agenda by letting the world know what u stand for.

Basically , its a place where they gather all salute post from everyone , despite races , gender and political views.
Ive done mine , have u done urs?

head down to PROJECT KEIREI and post ur bestest most awesomest salute post and email it at . Join the bandwagon and lets make history!


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