Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My comppasion goes to those who doesnt have it.

Is it me or the political heat is uprising nowadays? Everywhere , not just local.

Does anybody have the thought , just maybe about a half second or two that there is a possibility of World War 111 happening soon?

I hope everyone come to their senses and set aside their differences to make this world worth living in. We are reverting back to our predominant era people , we might as well start rubbing those red stone against the cave wall because before u know it , all these amount of technology , all these years of cultivating ourselves at this level , all these years of shaping and molding the values and ethics and protocol will be demolished faster than u can say "Oh Shi-"

Lowering down ur ego isn't an act of suicidal. My pity goes to those who thinks that the world revolves around them , as if they are the reason that the sun set high and the moon shine bright.

This apply to all aspect and perspective in life , not just politics.

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