Monday, May 31, 2010

Sakit Kepala yang maha gila.

Ive been having this series of reoccurring nasty headache for these past recent months. It kind of feels like some kingdom is waging war with another inside my head. As if my head is the wall of some castle and all these so called warriors are pounding my poor head with this big gigantic larger than life timber against it.

Or it could be a big long hard phallus belong to some sort of caveman and my head is his pleasure hole. Because i tell you , there is no civil man that could hit this mad in this modern era. RAVAGELY MAD i tell you. That is how nasty my headache feels like.

Sometimes it kind of feels like submitting yourself to an army of sex-hunger commando where their closest thing to sexual appeal is a dear butt , and let me tell you , its not even a male of a gender. THAT IS HOW TERRIBLY HURT MY HEAD IS!

Sometimes , when i am in the middle of battling with pain , i kind of imagine that i could extract my soul apart from me body because that way , i would be able to extricate myself from dealing with the agony , the suffering the process of healing.

I think my system would probably having a snow frenzy inside there because of all the Paracetomol that ive been consuming in order to lessen the pain. Do you think its bad chucking down those pill in frequent manner? But the adverts says its ok. I always trust whatever the internet or media deliver.

But i think the medicine makes my butt look big. And some parts of my body too and for some weird reason i kindda like it.

Sometimes when it hurts so bad , i have this tendency to shave my hair off because that way i could put my head in the washer machine without worrying about the tangle-madness it would cause to my hair.

My head is baffle , and not in a corny way.

This is how bad my headache it. And i hate it.



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