Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The story of BOOBS

While i was growing up , as a little girl , i had this confine thoughts that all grown ups would end up having a big boobies. Of course I had some physical difficulties in the upper body region during my adolescent years because you see , my hormone didnt exactly act up like it does to other girl's body.

As far as i can remember , although vaguely , i first had my menstrual at the age of 15 , kindda late i used to think.So as far as biological process concern ,my body arent the type which would overblown according to what nature intended. While all of my friends chest were slowly inflating,me on the other hand still hadn't had much in store. Mosquito bite would have a better chances of winning the swollen process compared to my chest.

Being a soul seeking bla bla teenage girl , i used to think that i would never attract boys without any tits because you dont have to win a Noble Prize to know about teenage boys rampage hormone at those age. Lucky thing , the combination of good genes in my body structured up an okay features on my face which i used extensively to compensate the lack of meat in my undergarment.

I used to consoled my self , saying that it is just a matter of time before it blown into its full form. Maybe im a late bloomers, i optimistically reminded my self to alleviate the self of confidence inside me. And there i was , 17 , pimpled-face with little boobs. The face i was so proud of exploiting has come to an end (at that time) .The peer pressure was unbelievably suicidal at that time. Believe me , i was thisssssss close to stuffing in tissue inside my brassier but fortunately i came to my senses and wouldnt sink myself that low.

But aside from all those hormone-related symptoms , boys still come chasing over me , weird enough eyh? So anyways , long story short , the very first time i revealed these two twins to a boy , i felt like burying my head down the earth because god knows how embarrassed i was that time . I can literally felt crimson colored shade leaked aggressively all over my face , albeit being in a dark room , as if my face was a red traffic light beaming furiously on a dark starless night.

As life progress , my perception towards men changed. I got to know that no matter what sizes your chest are , just the fact that you are girl , you are most likely to get laid better than guys. Having a small breast doesnt mean that u are less attractive , and having a big bouncy breast doesn't mean that u are more favorable.

After all , all these fun sized boobs will someday be lactated with breast milk once you get pregnant , so no worries out there because sooner or later your breast will get inflated.Next time you see other women boobs that are bigger than yours , just imagine what would it look like 20 years ahead . At least small breasted would still look good because gravity couldnt pull out much from you.


Wan Ssei said...

good writing~

BabyCrownz said...

noce one!

Anonymous said...

i've seen u somewhere in subang parade and trust ur boobs are just fine by me ;p

cikudi said...

that has to be the weirdest comment ever. hahah

liyana said...

Haha diena. This one really made me squiggle a laugh. I guess ur period of adolescent years must be way way different than mine. -liyana shazwanee