Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where is my prince?

Where is my prince?
By : she.

There is the time when your heart screw your mind ,
you know its wrong but refuse to decline,
People say no no no , but u know u'd be fine,
Under the spell of love divine.

You believe where your heart lead,
Until one day it makes you end up on his bed,
Your body sore but your says heart says dont fret,
Mind dense , eyes wet ,
You try to remember , but somehow u wanna forget,

Forget but never regret your heart convince,
Body bare , your skin trembles , how long has it been since?
Your mind asked "Where is your prince?"
"Where is my prince?" your mouth utter , your face winced.

Now , only now you know the pain,
Now and only now you vote your brain,
But baby girl i tell you , its too late for a champagne,
Because your innocence has been drained,
You listen to your heart , try to understand
It is not a misheard when the heart said "Wanna do it again?"

On other unrelated notions;

Below are couples of experimental photos i captured with my minimo! cool eyh?

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BabyCrownz said...

OMG!!! I Love this so much!! Great Diena! I copy eh.. thanks.. :D