Friday, March 26, 2010

Pakcik ni dah salah cakap pastu buat bodo plak.

Hello hi weeeeeeeeeeeeee,
As this sentence being type word by word , i am sitting here , on this shabby yellow plastic chair , under the roof of driving range at my house , Monterez Golf Resort. Why am i here? Because my bunny love has started to develop this new interest for golf. Yeah i know righttt , like pffffttt~

It is raining , it is raining mad over here and the roof does not cover the whole area well therefore you can say that i am aggravated because of the little drizzles that pour over me. It doesnt drench me out , that is the annoying bits , because it does not fucking drench me out!

Sigh~ i have nothing to write about actually but there was one interesting story that happened a few days back.

It started like this.


There were 2 guests that came over my house the other day , which day i cant really recall because counting days seemed so vague nowadays. These guests are from Dubai , a good friends of my mom. Both were man , successful in their field. Richerest in the pocket ive been told.

So being foreign , their effort to keep up with our Malay language has grew fonder , they told us while eating my mom home cooked delicious dinner.

I cant really remember what was the actual phrases but it went something like this.

Baba : Tomorrow I'll bring you to mamak and we gonna have our breakfast there.
Foreigner #1 : Oh , i would want to eat "Nasi Kentut"

Me and my sister pull this awkward face when we heard the words that came out of his mouth. I wanted to laugh but then it would appear rude to them , so i assimilated the words into my brain and deciphered it into the closest similar word i could think of.

Me : I believe U mean "Nasi Kandar" issit?
Foreigner : No "Nasi Kentut"
Me : that would literally mean "Fart Rice"
Foreigner : *ignored me and talk about something elses with my parents"

At this point i simply assumed that he was embarrassed and didnt want to continue the humiliation conversation he brought upon himself.

So yeah , i'd like to try "Nasi Kentut" one of these days. I wonder which fart would make the gravy more thicker and savorier.

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nazee said...

ahahaaha..!!! he is embarassed big tyme! by cutey little u pulak tu...hehe