Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Invitation to the most fattening event ever. (Fats not included)

My brain doesn't work on butterfly painted wings nor does it generate imperatively with the help of morning dew fluid

Therefore , I as a human cant control certain feelings that emerge out of the sudden. But lucky me , and my upbringing because being naturally harness with critical problem solving with almost minimal damage probability , I am certain that i can assimilate this sudden itchiness my hormone radiates and detour this digestion into something less implicating.

Sometimes , the words that came out of my fingers imply otherwise.

On separate note,

UiTM Campus in Jalan Othman , PJ (yes the one that i didnt even know existed in the first place) is having an INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL this coming 27th March 2010.

And me being a goodie goodie two shoes welcome you and you and you to this upbeat event.
(Read poster for more because elaborating details arent my best interest no more)

Dont know how to get there?
Whats the use of Google map if u dont utilize it well?
Or alternatively , just move ur fat finger over here for the map. lazy ass!


sophisticated bridezilla said...

erk? promoting? nampaknye aku pon kene promote gak lah kat blog. pinjam poster ek? haha =p

cikudi said...

amek la nokkk~ hahahha promote sudehh~