Saturday, May 14, 2011

5 reasons why religiousfags are childish

I was about to post something about this one religiousfag who was so eager to prove his point right about some religious related issues. i was about to reveal this one sad add facebook profile where despite being a RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST as his words deemed to be , still forgot to hide his favorite book which under the sexual related title of " Female Orgasm Black Book" .

What kind of preacher so keen to fix a stranger , yeah u hear me right , in this case i am a stranger to him but his words seem to know me better than myself , but he is no better himself.

So ive made a theory that , all religiousfag , especially MALE , who claimed to be a saint and in effort to stitch every girl's vagina and butthole so that us girl wont go spreading our legs around , is nothing but a child , and a disturbed one while at it.

Why? u may ponder.

1. They always want to win , even at the brink of losing the would dig the internet for some snippets of ayat quran to justify their ill-proposed statement.

2. They never seem satisfy with other ppl's life. There always a hole that need to be patch. There always something wrong with the civilization.

3. They are always right , even when them wrong , they are right.

4. Picking fights with a girl is their hobby. For them , that is not dayus , that is mendidik. Fuck you much?

5. And lastly, their ego is always get in a way.

You see , this kind of people need to respect other people's space , privacy and beliefs. If you, yourself have so much to belief in, why dont educate those around u first. For all you know , your sister , aunts or maybe even mom are fucking senselessly around behind ur back.

Ok , enough ranting.

Ill rant more on daily basis , but not necessarily on scheduled time.

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opxo said...

Nice! That stitching part was funny tho