Saturday, May 14, 2011


Its been awhile since the last time i pour anything in here.
Ive been busy , really really busy for the past 1 and half years doing my MA in UiTM.
Best. Memories. Ever.

If my life was a movie , this would be the longest climax stage ever.

But , everything good has to come to an end. Im done now. Not officially done but yeah , u can say that i can virtually feel the tassel of my graduation hat is tousling around while i jump up and down in victory. I can imagine , that would be the bestest victorious jump in the history of my life. I think , for now.

Well , maybe i would post some of my work , maybe i dont , depending on my urge and temptation. Or maybe ill post something entirely different. Maybe ill write about someone else's life , maybe id write about who i claim is someone else but actually im writing about me. Maybe.

Im all grown up now.

See me fly

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